Foundations for timber framed house

Our project brief:

A Staddon Groundworks was tasked by the client with providing the foundations and SVP drainage for a timber framed house.

  • The deadline was strict; the timber frame delivery and construction was very close and the dates could not be moved.
  • The location was difficult; the site was at the end of a narrow lane with little on site storage and set within a small and quiet community of residents.
  • The previous bungalow had been demolished and piles for the new house had been installed ready for our works on site.

We were under pressure to organise labour, materials and a programme of works within two weeks, that would allow us to complete works and be clear of the site before the timber frame house arrived.

We completed the works as follows:

  • Instructed local setting out engineers Measura to provide on site points.
  • Pre-fabricated the reinforcement at our yard to allow for time and space saving, then used our own HIAB lorry to transport the assembled reinforcement to site.
  • Used a pile cropper to reduce the installed piles to the heights necessary for use.
  • Excavated trench footings for a ground beam and installed Pecafil as a quick, light and prefabricated formwork solution.
  • Working closely with local supplier Plymcrete we pumped concrete into the footings, through the 120m lane to reach the site.
  • Excavated for internal drainage and installed SVP locations.
  • Completed substructure blockwork.
  • Instructed local supplier Mexboro to design and provide the block and beam floor which was then imported in stages due to lack of storage space.
  • Installed block and beam to provide level foundation for timber frame.

The outcome:

The works were carefully managed throughout due to the difficult logistical problems and site access limitations. We communicated openly with the local residents, advising them of planned works, seeking their consent to temporarily block the lane and having emergency transport on standby during the period.

We left the site on the Saturday morning; clean, tidy and ready for the timber frame suppliers to commence works on the following Monday. A total of three weeks on site and a very happy client.