Groundworks for steel frame house

Our project brief:

A Staddon Groundworks was successfully appointed as Groundworks contractor for a new multi-million pound house development in Topsham, Exeter.

We completed the works as follows:

Participating in the project as specialist subcontractor to Bovey Construction, groundbreaking commenced in January 2018 on what was a three month phased process of groundworks.

The development is taking place in an area adjacent to and overlooking an RSPB maintained marshland nature reserve with specific consideration to the local ecology and wildlife.  Various Tree Preservtion Orders, ecological surveys and planning restrictions affect the development of this land, thus directly impacting the process and speed of site works.

The outcome:

The completed property will be an impressive steel portal frame with integrated garage, porch and library extension, cut into an incline and built upon a ground bearing slab with retaining walls.