Paving, slabbing, patios and hardstands all transform the look of a space with clean, modern and trip free lines.As you can see from the photos, we have vast exerience with all manner of surface material, creating usable and transformative space.

From laying a hardstand for a hot tub to creating a multi-level multi feature garden environment we have the tools, plant machinery and skills plus we are specialists are working within confined or restricted access areas.

Moreover, we are experienced at constructing accessible paths, walkways, hardstands and driveways, all suited to the specific needs of a disabled user.

Bulk earth moving, paths, pavements and generally the heavy works associated with turning a barren space into a functional and accessible garden, all possible with A Staddon Groundworks Limited.

Patios offer a stable ground, and if laid correctly will last many years with only minor maintenance. We can provide attractive and functional patios, driveways, brick paving and tegula designs as well as traditional slabbing. Remember, a patio laid properly will last for a long time. Laid poorly and you have little more than a trip hazard and an eyesore!
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